Cloakroom Management for theatres and museums

Automatic cloakroom for theatres, museums, night clubs and congress halls


The system can be adapted to the needs of the customer. It can also be installed inside a container


Possibility of managing any type of personal garment/item. Multilingual, multi-currency and equipped with cash register management functions

Cloakroom Management for theatres and museums

The automatic cloakroom management system allows automating, speeding up and tracking the wardrobe management in theatres, museums, night clubs and congress
halls. At the time of delivery, a ticket is issued to the customer according to the garment/item delivered.

These items
will be hung from one or more boxes on a rotating belt and/or on special shelves (depending on the configuration chosen). During the collection, the ticket is read and the belt automatically positions itself on the customer’s items. The system guarantees a considerable reduction in waiting times for delivery and collection, and eliminates the possibility of errors by the cloakroom staff at the time of collection.

solution consists of:

one or more conveyor belts that can be combined to any type of shelving system

a pick-up and delivery point consisting of a touchscreen where the cloakroom staff enter the items delivered by the customer and issue the receipt during delivery, or scan the ticket and wait for the belt to position the customer’s items during collection

The type of garments and items that can be
delivered is highly configurable, the system is multilingual and has many useful functions such as closing of the cash register and printing of the summary. Other advantages include space saving, internal organisation and security.


Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules


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Technical sheets




A 24-hour service is guaranteed, with reduced human intervention in both the management and cleaning.


The system is easily integrated into any environment and enhances its appearance


Faster delivery and pick-up times than traditional manual systems
Cloakroom Management for theatres and museums

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