Environmental Services

Traceability in Environmental Services

Integrated management systems for environmental hygiene services

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Environmental Services

Traceability in Environmental Services

Today’s environmental hygiene services consist of a wide range of highly industrialised activities. ZCS develops integrated systems for this sector, taking into account every aspect of the supply chain (e.g. waste management cycle) and proposing technological solutions able to increase the quantity and production quality of the waste management system.

ZCS has created an integrated system of hardware and software devices to collect and manage a wide range of data relating to separate waste collection, through the
use of smart services (bell-shaped bins, municipal waste bins, waste prevention and control systems).The dedicated sensors allow tracking the bins for collection and transport, up to their storage, and also recognising the type and amount of waste. The “RUBIN” project by ZCS, for example, is currently used on large roadside bins. It also has the potential to be applied on smaller bins used in door-to-door collection systems.

RFID-UHF devices developed by ZCS also make it possible to control vehicles, accesses to work sites, use of vehicles by drivers, use of PPE by operators and the condition of the waste containers (skips, bins, etc.) and also to program the services and maintenance activities for all the equipment available.

The ZCS solutions for the environment meet all the requirements of the National Enterprise 4.0 Plan. Investing in these products allows customers to not only adhere to the “philosophy” of Enterprise 4.0 but also to receive the tax benefits provided by the Plan.


• Integrated waste disposal management
• Optimisation of workflows
• Reduction of operating times
• Constant monitoring of the container parameters

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RU.BIN. RUbbish BIN system

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Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules


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