Tracking Specialists


We offer innovative industrial automation solutions according to the concept of Industry 4.0. We have developed software and hardware that combine RFID-UHF technology with IoT (Internet of Things) such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which allow controlling and managing the flows, stocks and movement of any type of item.

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Our solutions

Our solutions are modular, customisable and adaptable to the different needs of the customer.


We offer a complete system for the management of wash-hire services and healthcare accessories/items with tracking and complete control through the use of RFID-UHF tags.

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Hotels, Casinos

Our historical product, which has been consolidated by years of experience and installations in casinos and large hotels worldwide.

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We specialise in RFID-UHF tracking systems offering complete and customised software and hardware system

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Swimming Pools, Spas, Thermal Baths and Fitness Centres

Automatic locker room system for spas, swimming pools and fitness centres with management of clothing, personal belongings and distribution of accessories and linen.

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Industrial Laundries, Linen wash-hire companies

We have the advantage of providing a customised and complete system based on RFID-UHF technology that controls the entire flow and movement of laundry items.

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Dry cleaners

The automated laundry system that manages the entire workflow: acceptance, stocking and re-delivery of garments.

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Smart Truck

This system is used to equip transport vehicles with RFID technology and GPS tracking to know where the vehicle is at all times and what it contains.

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Special applications

Versatility. This is the main feature of our conveyor belt: modular with easily adaptable shape and use

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Custom projects and solutions

By introducing the ID concept and integrating various technologies at different levels, we can develop Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions for the most diverse fields of applications.

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We specialise in RFID tracking systems that offer clear advantages to customers in terms of control, management, efficiency and security.

The advantages of using our solutions:
  • Reduction in waste and theft
  • Saving of spaces and operating times
  • Constant monitoring of consumption
  • Accurate tracking of each item
  • Optimisation of warehouse stocks
  • Improved services for staff and/or customer services
  • Efficiency in workflow and staff operations


years of experience in the automation sector


years of experience in RFID technology


countries with our solutions


installations worldwide


million items tracked with our solutions


employees who use our products every day


national and international partners

Our customers

More than 2,000 installations worldwide and 40 million items tracked with our solutions

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