Integrated management and control of PPE distribution

RFID-UHF solutions for disposable PPE distribution, to be sanitized and maintained


The solution adapts to different business models


The interface is specifically designed to make the delivery of PPE and related information extremely intuitive, simple and fast.

Disposable PPE

Delivery of the device assigned to the worker during the day and blocks any possibility of item return

PPE to be sanitized

Management of the in-out of clothes and clothing they must be washed or disinfection.

PPE give support

Management of PPE assignment and maintenance periods. The System will then notify the assignment to the specific worker and the period of use

Flexible and modular

Stand-alone solution or integrated with the company management system

Integrated management and control of PPE distribution

The Hardware and Software solutions for the management, control and distribution of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) comply with Legislative Decree no. 81/08, with an integrated offer based on RFID-UHF technology able to meet any need.

The system guarantees maximum worker safety and the management of all phases of the health emergency in line with Covid-19 provisions.

The integration of safety management software with machines that allow monitoring the effective and correct distribution of PPE helps to prevent accidents and injuries.

In particular, the system allows:

• Define the allocation of PPE for each operator based on required needs

• Monitor the effective use of PPE by each individual operator

• To inform the operators of the correct use of PPE

• Check the stocks in the warehouse and inform when restocking is required

• Area monitoring for appropriate verification of the location of PPE


Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules

Technical sheets

Datasheet G30
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Massive reading cabinet
Datasheet 800
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Automatic rotating dispenser
800 slim
Datasheet 800 slim
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Compact automatic rotating dispenser
G53 Smart locker
Datasheet G53 Smart locker
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Capillary distribution of clothes or items
820 Dispenser
Datasheet 820 Dispenser
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Disposable PPE distribution
821 Smart Locker
Datasheet 821 Smart Locker
(PDF 1.5Mb)
PPE Distribution
850 Dispenser
Datasheet 850 Dispenser
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Distribution of surgical masks
Datasheet G34
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Clothes distribution system



The operator is able to collect the PPE in complete autonomy


Continuous monitoring of the effective use of PPE by operators. Periodic verification of consumption.


Complete and historical tracking of PPE picked up

Space savings

Integrated management and control of PPE distribution

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