IoT solutions

Internet of Things (IOT)


Possibility to develop specific hardware and software for each application


The IoT devices offered by ZCS send data in real time to the cloud or server

IoT solutions

IOT (Internet of Things), describes the most advanced state of the process that began with the evolution of Internet networks, and allows objects and things to be connected to the Internet.

The enormous amount of data that can be connected from the networks of interconnected machines and sensors makes it possible to improve the entire production chain, analyse in detail the weaknesses of the system and exploit the technology to optimise costs and work times in order to make the company grow and be more competitive. With Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) solutions we are able to automate, control, track and manage any item, device and machine.

ZCS develops, implements and installs integrated IoT solutions based on specific customer requirements. The standard IoT module by ZCS can be connected to sensors (temperature, pressure, deformation, volumetric, identification systems, powered by battery pack and photovoltaic panel).

  • Special project for the continuous and real-time monitoring of movements and static condition of structures and manufactured products of methane pipes and for the transmission of data on the state of deformations directly in the Cloud. Aim: to provide maximum security and eliminate the approximation of physical human control

  • Special project for the creation of intelligent bins for smart waste sorting and urban hygiene, with circuit that monitors all the operating levels, access controls, status controls. Aim: to make sure separate waste collection is carried out in an intelligent way, by tracking (potentially rewarding) those who separate waste with awareness.

This brings advantages such as: localisation (mapping), simplified management of operations, total control of the operating status of the bin, with various sensors present on the optimisation board of the energy system.


Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules



The ZCS IoT solutions can be equipped with batteries and photovoltaic panels.


The ZCS IoT solutions allow receiving information in real time on the operating status and functioning of the devices
IoT solutions

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