Tracking of folded uniforms and recovery of dirty garments

Automatic distribution system for folded uniforms for large facilities such as hospitals, hotels, casinos, food and pharmaceutical industries


The system has a fully electric and modular configuration


Reduced installation space


Management of large number of product types

IoT & Industry 4.0

Cloud connectivity (optional). Reduced data infrastructure impact.

Tracking of folded uniforms and recovery of dirty garments

The system was designed to be easy to use and maintain, and is ideal for the automatic distribution of folded uniforms in environments where space is limited. The distributors can also be installed in unused areas such as corridors or small spaces. In particular, the new “800” series of distributing machines stand out for their compact size (800 slim) and large loading capacity. The distributors can work with RFID HF or UHF technology.

The solution guarantees complete tracking of uniforms, both in “size” mode and in “customised” mode, as well as “mixed” mode, i.e. size and customised in the same facility. In addition, if garments are equipped with RFID-UFT tags, every aspect of the service can be managed, from the washing to the distribution of clean garments, up to the collection of dirty garments. This allows optimising workflows, minimising dispersions and stocks and optimising purchases.

When replenishing the machine with clean uniforms, the innovative “Dynamic Load” mode allows assigning a position to each individual uniform in a fast and automatic way. This saves considerable time in the loading and replenishment of each individual distribution machine.

The solution consists of:

  • One or more automatic distributors*
  • One or more devices for recovering used uniforms*

* based on the number of users present


Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules

Technical sheets

Datasheet 800
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Automatic rotating dispenser
800 slim
Datasheet 800 slim
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Compact automatic rotating dispenser
Datasheet G30
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Massive reading cabinet
G53 Smart Locker
Datasheet G53 Smart Locker
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Capillary distribution of clothes or items
Datasheet 717
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Return of uniforms
Datasheet G06
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Reading gate able to assign destination and lot. With printer equipped with automatic applicator



Fast and error-free dynamic loading with open door


Complete tracking of uniforms


Uniforms available 24 hours a day, with possibility of multiple pick-ups.


Size change and alternative product on user interface display
Tracking of folded uniforms and recovery of dirty garments

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