Track – Tracking Software

ZCS management and control software for Uniforms


Complete automation in the generation of production orders, delivery orders, transport documents, production declarations, based on defined logics applied at the time of material detection


A WF designer tool allows defining customised workflows, work and process phases and controls diversified by product and by individual customer


Innovative algorithms aimed at the progressive introduction of automation logics.

Track – Tracking Software

ZCS Track is the tracking software for Hospitals, Hotels, Spas, Fitness Centres and Industries (flat or hanging linen, uniforms, PPE). The software was created to ensure, in a single solution, the complete tracking of materials along the entire distribution chain.

Track allows acquiring, in real time, all the information relating to the processing and distribution flow, in order to identify any inefficiencies and dispersions of material.

Main features:

  • Production planning;
  • Control of production progress;
  • Automatic generation of production orders;
  • Automatic management of outstanding open orders;
  • Management of daily production;
  • Unattended massive parameter detections;
  • Monitoring of production controls;
  • Control, correction and management of parcel nonconformities;
  • Automatic generation of documents;
  • Control of circulating materials;
  • Parcel disposal

    Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules


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    Technical sheets

    Datasheet G32
    (PDF 1.5Mb)
    Massive reading cabinet
    Datasheet G34
    (PDF 1.5Mb)
    Clothes distribution system
    Datasheet G55
    (PDF 1.5Mb)
    Cabinet for sterile kits and flat or packed linen



    Total elimination of manual records


    System for monitoring the lead times of the production and supply chain. Reduction of material dispersions thanks to the monitoring of “inaction” systems.

    Item history

    Immediate availability of perpetual inventories of all laundry items circulating inside factories, peripheral warehouses and along the entire distribution and collection chain
    Track – Tracking Software

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