ZCS Stargate - Middleware

Configuration, monitoring, maintenance and control of ZCS systems


Exchange of information and events in real time between web services, thus facilitating interaction with any management system


Organisation in companies, plants and networks that guarantees a high level of flexibility in configuration and data management. Ability to manage events, including external events (devices not managed directly by ZCS)


Authentication on communications with the possibility of using HTTPS and Alert protocol configurable in case of errors coming from devices or synchronisation procedures

ZCS Stargate - Middleware

ZCS Stargate is the portal for the configuration, monitoring, maintenance and control of ZCS systems and allows the ZCS machines to interface with any management system.

The heart of ZCS Stargate is represented by middleware that is able to “gather together” all the events coming from ZCS systems, synchronising all the machine databases and updating their MySQL database. In addition, this middleware transmits events coming from external management systems to the machines and vice versa, thus allowing existing management systems to interface fully with the ZCS machines (insertion/modification/deletion/reading of master data, event history, garment tracking reports, etc…).

ZCS Stargate consists of:

  • a concentrator/synchroniser of events that is halfway between the ZCS systems and external management systems
  • a simple and intuitive system equipped with a graphic interface to configure, monitor and control ZCS machines

With the ZCS Stargate technology it is possible to: manage individual users and work groups, set customised permissions and privileges; control machine accesses, obtain system usage statistics and work in multi-lingual mode.


Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules


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Technical sheets

Datasheet G32
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Massive reading cabinet
Datasheet G34
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Clothes distribution system
Datasheet G55
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Cabinet for sterile kits and flat or packed linen



The system allows perfect interfacing between ZCS machines and any management system.


The entire process can be managed and controlled through a single middleware


Simple and intuitive graphic interface
ZCS Stargate - Middleware

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