Trucking Project

Management of vehicle fleet and programming of staff activities operating in the field of environmental hygien


pick up and return of the Driving Envelope only after identification


Verification in real time of the delivery of the Driving Envelope


Possibility to pick up an alternative vehicle in the event that the vehicle breaks down and needs to be returned before the end of the shift


adaptable to any field related to road haulage and, in particular, to the management of fleets of transport vehicles or work machines

Trucking Project

The TRUCKING PROJECT was created to meet the specific needs of companies operating in the environmental hygiene sector. In detail, the system allows:

a) the management of the fleet of vehicles and work machines, by planning their operational address and technical control

b) the programming and daily tracking of the activities carried out by waste collection and transport operators and vehicle maintenance technicians

The automated solution is based on RFID-UHF technology and guarantees both the “on field” collection and management of data from the vehicles and operators,
and interconnection with the Customer’s ERP systems, also in compliance with the Enterprise 4.0 requirements. The project consists of a very intuitive software interface and a model 821 distribution machine, divided into rotating discs made up of compartments that can be accessed via multiple doors.

Each compartment houses a so-called “driving envelope” equipped with RFID tag, and containing the keys and travelling documents of a fleet vehicle. Upon identification of the user by means of a RFID tag (badge), the machine delivers the envelope of the assigned vehicle to the user. At the end of the shift, the user returns the envelope to the machine, always using their identification badge.

The system guarantees a fully automatic and configurable management of the delivery of the envelopes, as well as total control in real time of the vehicles and the users involved. It also allows to memorise the position of the Driving Envelopes and the pick-up and return events, and also to configure and manage any automatic alerts remotely. Finally, the sequence of pick up and loading events is logged on a daily basis and can be consulted at any time.


Our solutions comply with the 4.0 industry rules


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Technical sheets

820 Dispenser
Datasheet 820 Dispenser
(PDF 1.5Mb)
Disposable PPE distribution
821 Smart Locker
Datasheet 821 Smart Locker
(PDF 1.5Mb)
PPE Distribution



Complete tracking of Driving Envelopes

Ease of use

User identification by means of personal badge


RFID technology enables certifying the quality of the processes by combining information on products, processes and times
Trucking Project

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